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7-a-side Tournament Rules


  1. Each team may field 7 players from a maximum squad of 9.
  2. Normal rules of football apply except that there is no offside law in operation
    and rolling substitutions are allowed on the direction of the referee when the
    ball is out of play.
  3. All games will be 8 minutes each way with no half time interval
  4. Round one will be played in leagues of 4 teams
  5. Scoring is 4 match points for a goal scored and 1 match point for a corner.
    The winner of each match is awarded 3 league points. One league point is
    awarded for a drawn match. Please note the difference between match points
    and league points.
  6. The top two teams in each group will progress through to a semi final knock-out
  7. Where two or more teams finish with the same number of league points then
    the difference between match points for and against will decide priority.
    Should this fail to find a winner then the team scoring most match points will
    go forward. And if this does not separate two teams then we flip a coin.
  8. Should a knock-out match be drawn at full time then teams will toss a coin to
    determine way of kicking and a "golden point rule" will apply to determine
    the winner.
  9. A referee will be appointed and his decisions will be final on all aspects of
    play and the result.
  10. Any player sent off in a match, for whatever reason, will be suspended from
    his team's next two games.
  11. The tournament organiser is Mr Peter Tracey
  12. Changing facilities will be advised on arrival at Cochrane Park. Teams are
    advised to be responsible for all their own possessions.
  13. All teams must ensure prompt arrival and observance of the timing
  14. The age limit is under 19 on September 1, and all players are to be in full
    time education.